On Purpose Book

On Purpose is a modern-day business book for people who want to steer their work back on course, with purpose leading the way.

Deliberately ironic and witty, this contemporary business book including a fable, as told by business leader Karen James. This revealing fable strikes a personal chord with anyone in business (or frankly, a little over business). Readers will discover their own winning purpose through the author’s subsequent narrative, with the aim to create the most positive business outcome for themselves. This book shows readers how a simple framework can become the turnaround for their organisation and life so desperately needed. On Purpose is for people and organisations who need are asking:

  • How can I motivate my team?
  • How do I launch or reinvigorate this project?
  • How do we redefine our purpose, vision and values?
  • How can we connect better with our customers?

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On Purpose Hub Downloads

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The PLOT Framework©

Our PLOT Framework© is the tool that helps keep you and your team accountable. Regular reference to the PLOT Framework© will help keep you on purpose.

Print this PDF PLOT Framework© and share it with your teams. You can PLOT your progress on a daily or weekly basis.

Prezi Template

We know the fastest way for you to be able to embed the PLOT Framework© is to have ready made presentation templates to use in your organisation.

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PowerPoint Template

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My Purpose Template

You’ve got to have your purpose at the front of your mind at all times.

Print this PDF template, write your purpose down and put it up on your wall. Look at it every day. Make your decisions based on whether they align to your purpose. Encourage your teams to do the same.