Keynote & Workshop Topics

From innovation to transformation to community building, Karen’s global career brings something for everyone.

Custom Keynote

We will:

  • Work with you to understand the purpose of your event and what matters most.
  • Discuss and agree the context of the keynote and how you want your audience to feel.
  • Know what success looks like and deliver.

10 Steps To Get Your Life & Business On Purpose

Participants will:

  • Identify or refine their personal purpose.
  • Identify or refine their professional purpose.
  • Develop an action plan to manifest purpose through a formula based ten step approach – identifying who you need to be as a leader and most importantly how to get stuff done, on purpose.

Create, Disrupt & Innovate

Participants will:

  • Understand the essence of what it takes to move from transacting to relating with current and future customers.
  • Learn and create new mindsets, new thinking and new operating models.
  • Understand how to power your purpose with technology and deliver on time, on budget and on purpose programs and projects.

On Purpose, The Book

Participants will:

  • Understand the book and discover how the PLOT framework can get their organisation, and themselves personally, living on purpose.
  • Experience real-world examples of the application of purpose-led organisations transforming, innovating and exceeding their goals.
  • Create their own plan to unleash their purpose – converting mastery, innovation and transformation into amazing meaning-driven results.

Just Change

Participants will:

  • Understand the true meaning of “just change”.
  • Learn the top questions used to challenge whether a change is just.
  • Understand how their personal and professional purpose and leadership has a broad impact.

Top Speaking Testimonials


Karen is a ball of energy and fun!  She gets her message across in a straightforward way that resonates well with her audience.  The take-outs from the session are easy to set in to action.

Denise Myerson

Management Consultancy International


I was delighted with the work Karen performed for myself and have used this work as the centrepiece of the strategy to further improve employee engagement in my department.  A key piece of work involved better defining what the purpose of the department was. Following Karen’s advice the leadership team worked together to reformulate the department purpose which has been an outstanding success. The department purpose now is punchy, has a better alignment with both the day to day work of all employees and the needs of stakeholders who rely on an effective service being provided.  Most importantly employees have had much better ‘buy in’ to the new purpose. 

Ian Coad

Boyne Smelters Limited


Karen James is a unique speaker. In a world where many speakers have honed their art and created presentations that follow a predictable course Karen delivers from the heart. Genuinely thoughtful and curious she uses her experience in the field of engineering and her time in top echelons of the corporate world to deliver insightful messages in a way that pierces the usual language heard from the stage. Guests leave with a greater understanding of purpose and how it drives their actions and results. Karen is a professional, funny and smart speaker and I highly recommend her.

She Business


Karen’s presentation was entertaining and engaging – she’d thoroughly researched the subject matter and wove entertaining stories from her personal life into professional lessons learnt, and related them to the issues that would resonate with the Defence audience. The imagery she invoked was inspiring and relevant to the challenges we are seeking to address – and she provided plenty of laughs too!

Department of Defence


Karen presented workshops at Wired for Wonder this year and left our audience full of energy and focus. You only needed to check the social media hashtag to see the impact she had – people are genuinely inspired by her stories and her message and she delivers with such a warm, authentic and engaging style. I’ll definitely be booking Karen for future events including Wired for Wonder 2016! A huge thank you for bringing a touch of magic and you to our event.

Wired for Wonder